Friday, July 21, 2017

Choices in Life That You Will Never Regret

You might be agree with me about the choices in life that you will never regret. "Live to the fullest", people say:

⇒ Express your real feelings even if you are scared or uncomfortable
⇒ Stop trying to change the significant people in your life. Instead, accept and love them as they are
⇒ Acknowledge mistakes and ask for forgiveness
⇒ When something you working on is not working out, try to talk with other people, don't keep by yourself. Different people, different thoughts, approaches and outcomes
⇒ Give away the clothes you haven't worn in the last year
⇒ Stop gossiping about others
⇒ Come home from work early to spend time with your family. Have conversation with them please
⇒ Do the things you've been dreaming about for years
⇒ Learn a new skill every year
⇒ Give a warm smile and a dollar to the homeless guy on the street (even if you aren't sure how the dollar will be spent)
⇒ Let go of a relationship that is draining you or causing heartache
⇒ Learn to meditate and practice meditation regularly (reciting Al-Quran is one of the best meditation)
⇒ Go to bed earlier and get up earlier
⇒ Tell the truth even when it is embarrassing or difficult for you
⇒ Say "I Love You" esp to your family or lover or partner every single day
⇒ Let go of grudges and anger as quickly as possible and be quick to forgive
⇒ Take the job you love, even if it pays you less
⇒ Be appropriately honest with the love one (family, children and closed friend)
⇒ Spend less on material things so can afford more experiences
⇒ Take a stand for something you know is right, even if it's unpopular
⇒ Allow yourself to be silly, goofy and carefree
⇒ Care less about what others think of you
⇒ Take a few moments every day to acknowledge and reflect on the good in your life
⇒ Say YES when you mean YES and NO when you mean NO
⇒ Plan in advance for something fun to do on the weekend
⇒ Plan and take the trip when you need one
⇒ Spend time with people in the generation behind you and learn from them
⇒ Say YES when someone needs your time, support or a helping hand. Remember now it's his/her, some other time it might be you
⇒ Don't stop playing, it make your youth and happy
⇒ Don't argue about politics or religion
⇒ Accept failure as a step in learning rather than an end result or life sentence
⇒ Clean dishes and keep your kitchen clean before you go to the bed
⇒ Learn to enjoy your own company

(compilation of my preference and satisfaction, it might be different to yours. But most of the listed above you will come to agree with me ^__^

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Reason I hate to watch news and read paper!

Assalammualaikum and Happy peaceful day, people!

There was one long duration time that I avoided myself to watch news or read papers because there were negative issues that happening around compared to the positive one and they were too overwhelmed for me to accept. I still want to believe our world still are safe for us to stay regardless those war attacks, inhumanity among people, bad lifestyles, vandalism and the lists go on and on. I just don't want to feel insecure about our future and be too judgemental about other people too. I still hope, believe and pray that good people and positive vibes are spreading around in this critical time no matter what happen. 

Alhamdulillah, now I am still adjusting myself to be realistic on this matter and I can see what there are a lot of great people are fighting on this inhumane and insane behaviour. Although I try to adapt to follow the current news but I cant help myself to sigh (sigh more often till I felt I turned old faster) when it come to negative news, not to mention how the other people commented or reacted on that issues, so unprofessional. Well, this is life. bad things happen sometime especially when you let your guard down. 

"Send out your good vibes today, The world needs them!"

Peace upon you, people!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Salam Lebaran Syawal 2017

Assalammualaikum dan Salam Aidil Fitri, semua!

Jernihkan diri dengan zikrullah,
Sucikan pekerti dengan syukrulillah,
Cerahkan jiwa dengan cinta Warrahmah,
Serikan diri dengan senyuman terindah,
Seiring dengan Hari Raya Aidil Fitri,
Mohon Maaf zahir dan batin,
Andai mulut terkasar bicara,
Andai perilaku tersilap caturan,
Taqoballahu Minna Wa Minkum,
Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin

Syawal kali kedua sambut tanpa arwah ibu. Sememangnya ketiadaan beliau amat dirasai oleh seluruh ahli keluarga yang dekat atau yang jauh kerana beliau penyambung ukhwah keluarga, tetapi kehidupan perlu diteruskan bagi yang masih hidup dan apa yang arwah ibu buat perlu diteruskan demi kebaikan semua. Al-fatihah buat arwah ibu dan ahli keluarga yang telah pergi meninggal kita. 

 Raya ke-empat baru dapat bergambar semua ada kecuali abg ipar

Ayah, sibs and anak2 buah
Wefie ngan ayah skali

Theme Raya 2017
"Complete the incomplete"

Notes: There is so many things that I finally realized that happening around what it takes to make things work especially for Raya celebration. It is like a small piece but definitely complete the jigsaw puzzles. I will tell briefly in other entry, Insha Allah 😊✌🏻.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

I am born INDEPENDENT at Heart

Assalammualaikum and a very good evening people!

Did you know that independence in not a wish that is granted. It is something that you are born with. Being independent is far more than simply decisive, strong-headed, and able to manage livelihood at a young age. Independent are those who don’t allow anyone else (but themselves) to ride their minds. 

If you are the rider of your own mind. you might agree with me those related listing points that you are born independent at heart:

  1. Your tastes never influenced by the others
  2. You make your own mistakes and hold no regrets 
  3. You earn your daily bread out of what you want to do, not out of what the society wants you to do
  4. You dream travelling the world on your on terms and money
  5. When people try to manipulate your thought systems, you listen and be like "I don't care!"
  6. You take the fall without worrying about the aftermath
  7. You stand by your own opinion
  8. Somehow, it annoys you a little when somebody helps you without even asking you
  9. You are a fine observer
  10. You always have opinions, but express them only to those you feel are deserving your thoughts (TOTALLY AGREED)
  11. You never show off how independent you are!
  12. Even when your plan backfire, you consider them advantageous
  13. You respect yourself immensely because you know it is You who makes you
  14. You see the world through the eyes of your mind which make you think differently than others
  15. Praises dont always make you dance, and criticisms dont weigh down your wings
  16. Sometimes your strong headedness worries your parents and people who care for you (I am working on this one too to make them dont worry much about me by telling my whereabouts)
  17. You dont abide by worldly rules, you function by your thoughts
  18. You know how to say "no"
  19. You are selective about your relationships
  20. You are strong and realistic
  21. You are not comfortable being with the needy people
  22. You are cool being your own
Being highly independent can scare some people away, but you are not callous or mean, you just know how to get the things you want and deserve. What is so wrong about that?
Pardon us if we are wrong with attitude because we do listen >_<

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Undescribed Feeling

Assalammualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera !

Sekejap dah seminggu umat Islam menunaikan ibadah berpuasa. Bila imbas berpuasa zaman kanak-kanak dan zaman dewasa ni ternyata banyak yang berbeza. Kalau dulu mmg seronok, bila kita kanak-kanak kalau berpuasa mesti disogokkan oleh parent makanan kegemaran terhidang depan mata sebagai pembakar semangat untuk kita berpuasa penuh tetapi itu semua bukan lagi yang sesuatu yang kita nanti-nantikan sebagai pembakar semangat bila tiba bulan Ramadhan bila kita menginjak dewasa iaitu ganjaran pahala. Alhamdulillah!

Semalam aku berkesempatan berbuka di masjid berhampiran rumah sahabat aku selepas dia jemput aku beriftar bersama dia kebetulan di masjid berdekatan beliau menjemput Imam daripada Makkah dan Madinah untuk mengimamkan solat terawih dan memberi tazkirah di masjid tersebut. Difahamkan bahawa jemputan Imam daripada luar merupakan program tahunan di masjid tersebut dan menurut beliau, kebiasaannya imam dari Makkah ni bacaan surah dalam solat pendek tetapi bacaan doa panjang. . Sedikit kelainan dalam majlis2 iftar yang aku attend sebelum ni biasanya tazkirah disampaikan oleh Imam dalam BM tetapi kali ni imam sampaikan dalam native language beliau (arab) dan dialih bahasakan dalam BM oleh imam tempatan yang fasih dalam berbahasa arab. Walupun tazkirah yang disampaikan pendek tetapi padat dan penuh 'deep'.

Tapi apa yang aku nak highlight dekat sini adalah sesuatu perasaan yang meruntunkan hati dan syahdu timbul sewaktu bacaan doa imam tersebut selepas solat. Aku rasa kowg pon pernah lalui pengalaman macam ni kan. Betapa besarnya hikmah yang Allah berikan pada aku waktu tu sedangkan aku jauh sekali memahami bahasa arab walhal aku ambil arab sewaktu aku bersekolah agama  di Johor (sekolah agama sebelah pagi atau petang sebelum atau selepas sekolah keb), hanya beberapa perkataan yang aku faham dimana maknanya biasa aku baca dalam doa harian.

Betapa untungnya orang2 middle east yang yang menjadikan bahasa Al-Quran sebagai native language mereka, mudah untuk mereka mendalami setiap apa yang dibacakan dalam solat, Al-Quran serta hadis. Aku cuba tahan air mata yang bergenang di hujung kelopak mata bagaimanapun tertewas tumpah juga akhirnya sehingga sedu-sedan akibat cubaan menahan air mata tadi. Ajaibnya, dalam solat dan doa, kefahaman kita bersatu walupun berasal dari berlainan bangsa, bahasa dan warna kulit, semua mengharapkan keredhaan terhadap pencipta yang Esa.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

I am Both

I am a cheerful person,
But there is time I cant control my grumpy facial when I had a bad day

I am independent,
but when something happen out of capable, I called my father or other to help me out

I am fearless,
but there are times I am afraid of cockroaches and annelidas

I am impartial,
but sometime I can help myself to be judgemental when it involved people that I cared

I am optimistic,
but there was time that I felt down due to my negative thoughts

I am intelligent,
but not all the times I can used my intelligence to solve problems

what I am trying to say is...

Because I am Human. human being is not perfect,
Allah is!

-m, a traveler on her own destiny-

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Au Revoir

Assalammualaikum and happy weekend, people!

I realized that I am bad at parting with other people especially when it comes to people that I love or comfortable with. This week I made an unexpected the expected decision to quit my services as tutor in 2 tuition centres where I've been working since 2012. I've been expecting to quit as a tutor this year at those tuition centres but I didn't expect that I will be quitting this soon :'(. 

I didn't plan to tell the owner, one of the tuition centre after discussing about the coming intensive class during school break, but may be it's Allah planning for me that suddenly I blurted out the matter to her. I can see the unpleasant and sad looking from her about that unforeseen matter. Yes, we are quite comfortable with each other when it related about working. Same reaction cannot be avoided to the other owner of the tuition centre (both husband and wife) when I told them yesterday. Obviously, I know their feeling. It has been 5 years, we have been very comfortable with each other, not much to be complaint about my performance during my services and they have been good to me since then. They wish that I am doing great in my future undertakings. As usual, I dont have much to say and that's me. My silence is my hideous feeling to show my expression as usual.

But, decision had been made. I have decide to move on with my life line. I cant stay for too long at stagnant or comfort phase, that what I am till now. I keep on moving. I need to learn and explore many things in my journey, that's the way I know myself and the world better. It is just not about me, it is all about everything that crossing path in my life that called destiny. Everything in my life is so meaningful to me, including the journey of 5 year experiences as a tutor at that two tuition centres. Thank you for the experiences and the memories. Till we meet again!


"See you when I see you"